comp.lang.awk FAQ


Troubleshooting Perl CGI scripts
CGI Programming MetaFAQ
How to debug Perl CGI Scripts
Perl CGI Programming FAQ


Index DOT Css: Index Page


Danny Goodman's JavaScript Pages


PHP Manual
PHP Everywhere: ADODB for PHP: MySQL,PgSQL, MSSQL, Oracle, Interbase,ODBC


mod_perl Improving mod_perl Sites' Performance: Part 1 [May. 29, 2002] Improving mod_perl Sites' Performance: Part 2 [Jun. 19, 2002] Improving mod_perl Sites' Performance: Part 3 [Jul. 16, 2002] Improving mod_perl Sites' Performance: Part 4 [Jul. 30, 2002] Improving mod_perl Sites' Performance: Part 5 [Dec. 04, 2002] Programming with Mason [Dec. 11, 2002] The Perl You Need To Know - Part 3 [May. 15, 2002] The Perl You Need To Know - Part 2 [May. 07, 2002] The Perl You Need To Know [Apr. 23, 2002]

perl6 Synopsis 5 [Jun. 26, 2002] - Exegeses - Apocalypses

Linux Magazine | October 1999 | FEATURES | Uncultured Perl
Abigail's Perl stuff
ActiveState - Products - ActivePerl - Summary
Perl Music
The Perl Shell Filtering Mail with PerlMx [Oct. 10, 2001]
TPJ Magazine
HTML::Template Explained, Part One - a Perl5 CGI Library
The Perl Review
Choosing a Templating System
TPJ Magazine A Short Guide to DBI [Oct. 22, 1999]
Steve's place- Perl
Perl Apprenticeship Site - Home Retire your debugger, log smartly with Log::Log4perl! [Sep. 11, 2002]
SAGE - The Effective Perl Programming Series from ;login:
SAGE - Perl Practicum
videos from TPC 2002 The Phrasebook Design Pattern [Oct. 22, 2002]
The 2002 Perl Advent Calendar Class::DBI [Nov. 27, 2002] Article Archive FAQs


Python Tutorial


developerWorks : Java technology : Tools and products : Developer kits - Name
Java(TM) Platform Ports


sed, the stream editor
Manipulating Strings with sed
Hartigan/Computer Sed

Home / Mono



Amanda Faq-O-Matic
Backup Central: Free Backup and Recovery Resources
The AMANDA Patches Page
Yahoo! Groups : amanda-users
Yahoo! Groups : amanda-hackers
Amanda, The Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver
O'Reilly Network: Top Five Open Source Packages for System Administrators [Sep. 24, 2002] - Amanda
#amanda faq

Flexbackup - a flexible backup script
Backup Central: Free Backup and Recovery Resources
Sony Storage Solutions
Contingency Planning and Disaster Recovery
Tips for Preparing Your Disaster or Business Continuity Plan
The Tao Of Backup


The Bugzilla Guide
Bugzilla Project Home Page





Linux-HA Project Web Site
The Linux Virtual Server Project - Linux Server Cluster
Mission Critical Linux : Solutions : HA Solutions
High-Availability File Server with heartbeat
Using MPICH to Build a Small Private Beowulf Cluster

The Beowulf Project
Beowulf Underground
Beowulf Underground : The Beowulf Documentation Project
MPICH - A Portable MPI Implementation
LinuxPlanet - Reports - Tolerating Fault in an Intolerant World - The Limitations of Clustering
The Linux Virtual Server Project - Linux Server Cluster
Linux-HA Project Web Site


Counterpane Labs: Blowfish
Counterpane Labs: Twofish
Serpent home page
Snake Oil Warning Signs:Encryption Software to Avoid


Chrooted tunnelled read-write CVS server
cvsd - a cvs pserver suid/chroot wrapper
Anonymous CVS access via ssh CVS Administration [Jan. 17, 2002]
The CVS Book
CVS Home FAQ-O-Matic
Access Control in CVS
Version Management with CVS - Manual
CVS Information Pages


DBI - A Database Interface Module for perl5


SQL Tutorial
SQL Reference Page


Database-SQL-RDBMS HOW-TO document for Linux (PostgreSQL Object Relational Database System)
PostgreSQL: Introduction and Concepts - the open source community for serious business software
PostgreSQL Technical Documentation
PostgreSQL CookBook Pages
PostgreSQL Hardware Performance Tuning
Jean-Paul ARGUDO HomePage
PostgreSQL User Docs
PostgreSQL 7.2.1 Documentation


MySQL Documentation table of contents
DevShed - MySQL Administration
DevShed - Beginning MySQL Tutorial
MySQL Manual | A.4.2 How to Reset a Forgotten Root Password
MySQL | Documentation
MySQL | Documentation | MySQL | By chapter

ITU Selected Sites - Database Management Systems
MySQL | Documentation | Articles | An Introduction
My2Pg: MySQL to PostgreSQL dump conversion utility


Doom for Systems Administration
psDooM: DooM for Sys A's
Slashdot | Kill -9 With a Doom Shotgun
Doomworld -- Source Port Section


Interview with Bill Joy



The portal
Project 64 Home page
Welcome to Arnold

Wine Project Info - Wine Is Not an Emulator Project Info - TransGaming WineX
TransGaming Technologies - WineX
Wine Development HQ

File Convertors Project Info - Outlook to unix mail converter
mbx2mbox homepage
Accessing Microsoft Exchange and Outlook Data Using Visual Basic
eMailman(sm) - Mail and address format conversions
Converting Internet messages to Exchange or Outlook
comp.lang.postscript FAQ



Coda Documentation
The Coda Distributed File System
Coda File System - Mailing Lists
Coda File System User and System Administrators Manual
FTP Directory:
codalist-1999: Re: getting tokens when disconnected


Use of NFS Considered Harmful

Self-certifying File System
InterMezzo File System Home



Dell - Dell Systems Management - Remote Management


Linux and the DEC "Tulip" Chip
Linux and 3Com 3c590/3c900 series "Vortex" Ethercards
Vendor/Ethernet MAC Address Lookup
Ethernet Codes: Vendor codes
Linux Network Drivers
HowTo: Make a crossover cable
TrueNet Cabling System Home Page


IDE to SCSI converter from Addonics | Addonics IDE/ATAPI to SCSI Converters
Slashdot | IDE/ATAPI to SCSI Converters Reviewed
ACARD Technology Corp.
SCSIDE for HDD Ultra160 SCSI -Verbatim


Arctic Silver II Instructions
Arctic Silver Premium Thermal Products
Paul's Unofficial ABIT KT7 Motherboard FAQ


Tom's Hardware Guide
atomic - Maximum Power Computing
Overclockers Australia - Latest News
Ars Technica :: We carry a big stick


AusPc Market
Adelong Computers
PowerLan XSI
Everything Linux Australia - The Alternative Operating System Store
Extreme Networks
EYO Technologies Pty Ltd
Jaycar Index Page
Zytech online computer store - FireWire Mac data storage
Davis Marketing: SCSI Accessories
Data Recording Supplies - Drive Racks and Enclosures
Special Drive Enclosures
Laptop Computer Cases - business travel accessories, notebook carrying cases and more at Targus.
Memory upgrades from
Xtore digital CCTV storage
BLANKCD.COM.AU Australia's No. 1 mail order supplier of CD-R Media
Procom - Storage
Discount Computer Storage Solutions
SpinServer flash memory CompactFlash, SmartMedia, MultiMediaCard , Secure Digital
Hallam Racks
Page Data / Page Transmedia Home Page
Ridge Technologies Pty Ltd - Melbourne,Australia
EMAGEN - Desktop, Workstation, Server, Laptop
Alloy Computer Products - A Networking and Communications Company
Queensland Connectors & Cables


AOpen CRW 3248 Date Sheet Page
NewMotion - 5.25" USB + Firewire Combo Enclosure
Sola UPS
Macase Industrial Corp. - North America Web Site
Sony TSL-S9000L
NetScreen | Appliance Datasheet
IBM Microdrive overview


Best Power Uninterruptible Power Systems
APC - American Power Conversion
CheckUPS II Suite - Table of Contents
Sola Australia UPS, Transformers, Power Conditioners - Home

Pin-Outs.Com : Hardware : PinOuts_Com
Apple Mac Monitor Settings
CD-Recordable FAQ
Intel® Server Board SDS2
Sensatronics - TempTrax temp monitor
Obsolyte - Obsolete and Elyte! (Vintage computer hardware)
Coffee Computer
Brian C. Lane -> DigiTemp Hardware Sales
GPS Receiver Information, Software, and Hardware Reviews of Garmin, Lowrance, and Magellan
Compact Flash Card with USB
PLASMA online - Identify hardware
PC Weasel 2000
Greater Scroll of Console Knowledge



RT Manuals and Hackers Guide
RT: Request Tracker
[rt-users] FAQ: Creating ScripConditions
[rt-users] Short URLs for Tickets and Queues
Bruce Campbells' RT2 page
Index of /pub/rt/contrib/2.0
[rt-users] HOWTO v2: protect RT queues with SpamAssassin
[rt-users] HOWTO: protect RT queues with SpamAssassin
RT Keywords archives
[rt-users] LDAP authentication
Request Tracker
[rt-users] Yet another RT LDAP authentication hack



Hoax warnings
CIAC Internet Hoaxes
Stiller Research Virus Hoax News
Nigeria - The 419 Coalition Website


Unix System Administrator's Resources
Computer Tips, Tricks and Tools
Loads of Linux Links: Top
Meerkat: An Open Wire Service
LinuxGuruz Main Page
Sys Admin Magazine
Unix Guru Universe
800 Linux Links
Links - Cisco, Network, Linux, Microsoft, etc
Master Index - HPUX, Solaris, Linux, Security and Unix Networking Links :: It's All So Simple.
Tom Limoncelli's Published Papers
The Practice of System and Network Administration Website
The SysAdmin Group - White Papers
SAAS - Network Solutions For Schools
References for SysAdmins: Content
System Administration Papers
Root Prompt links


Log Analysis Resources on the World Wide Web
Counterpane: Log Analysis Resources




Advanced ADSL Troublehooting
Types of DSL
Howstuffworks "How DSL Works"
Carrick Solutions Limited - Linux PPPoE
ATM on Linux
PPPoATM for linux - the place for BROADBAND
Navas Cable Modem/DSL Tuning Guide
SpeedTouch DSL
Roaring Penguin Software (PPPoE)

BPALogin Home
Whirlpool - FAQs, Links and Resources
Whirlpool - Links
NOIE - The Broadband Advisory Group's Report to Government

Looking Glass List
The Art of Unspoofing


Dynamic DNS

Dynamic DNS Network Services, LLC
Dynamic DNS Service for your dynamic ip address - Domain name registration and DNS management service that gives you control over your domains.
Dynamic DNS, Static DNS for Your Dynamic IP
Dynamic DNS, DNS Services, DNS Hosting, Backup Email Servers, Web based DNS management
DNS Resources Directory (DNSRD)
DNS related RFCs
DNS LOC: Geo-enabling the Domain Name System
The Public DNS Service
Domains - Domain Names - DNS Management - Domain Registration -
Acme Byte & Wire, Ask Mr. DNS
Psionic Technologies - Resources - Whitpapers
DNS Performance Study Home Page
Denial of Service attacks using the Domain Name System
BIND logging Statement
Oversimplified DNS - MX (E-mail SMTP server) record
DNS Oversimplified: How to check your DNS
Bind-Mysql - Under construction
Secure dynamic DNS howto
Internet Software Consortium - BIND Documentation
Internet Software Consortium - BIND Contributions
saclass doc
Reverse mapping with less than a full Class C, or Classless is your friend
Linux Magazine | March 2001 | FEATURES | The Ties that BIND
RFC2136 - Dynamic Updates in the Domain Name System


- [ ]
The jadmin Archives
Discussion Forums - [ ]


SecurityFocus HOME Infocus: Complete Snort-based IDS Architecture, Part One
AIR-CERT - Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases (ACID)
Intrusion Detection Systems
Google Directory - Computers > Security > Intrusion Detection Systems


URL Plot for IRSSI


HOWTO: Join the 6bone!
Linux IPv6 HOWTO
Getting IPv6 Using Freenet6 on Debian
Freenet6 Tunnel Setup Protocol
IPv6: The Next Generation Internet! - IPv6 Deployment
Frequently Asked Questions About the IPv6 Protocol for Windows XP
Simple IPv6 HOWTO
Webpage of Kame Project
USAGI Project - Linux IPv6 Development Project
IP Version 6 (IPv6)
Peter Bieringer's Linux-Section: IPv6 Getting Connected with 6to4 [Jun. 01, 2001]
A book on Internetworking IPv6 With Cisco Routers
6bone Home Page
IPv6 resource guide
Das deutsche IPv6 Forum
Public 6to4 relay routers
Deep Space 6 - The Linux IPv6 Portal
Peter Bieringer's IPv6 & Linux - Status - Overview
Debian GNU/Linux -- Debian IPv6 Project
Gav's Linux IPv6 Page
IPv6 Forum
Cisco - Cisco IOS® Technologies - Cisco IOS IPv6
Microsoft Windows�€”IPv6
IPv6 Networking FAQ
Solaris IPv6


Auth_ldap: An Authentication Module for Apache
QUESTnet99 Presentation: Authentication Project
Non-stop Authentication with Linux Clusters
Authenticating with LDAP
Proftpd User Authentication - LDAP
SecurityFocus HOME Infocus: Active Directory and Linux
Linux-Active Directory Integration
Sysadmin Notes: Authenticating Redhat 7.2 against the Active Directory
LDAP stuff - User Admin scripts etc
LDAP authentication using pam_ldap and nss_ldap
OpenLDAP resources - PCRE + AIX Auth w/ Openldap
LDAP Authentication and Session HOWTO
Authentication of user accounts on OpenBSD using LDAP via RADIUS
OpenLDAP with Linux and Windows
SAAS - Guide to using LDAP with PAM on Linux

Active Directory

MC MCSE: Introduction to Windows 2000 Active Directory Architecture. - Querying an LDAP Server using Active Directory and ADO
Interoperability with Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory and Kerberos Services
Implementing Directory Enabled Networks Using Windows 2000 Technology
Windows 2000 Active Directory Resources: LDAP [Lightweight Directory Access Protocol]
White Paper: Understanding and Extending the Windows 2000 Schema
White Paper: Extending Active Directory to Interoperate with Other Directories and Client Tools (Programming)
White Paper: Advertising Services in Active Directory using Industry Standard LDAP APIs (Programming)
White Paper: Planning and Implementing a Windows 2000 Migration from a Windows NT Domain Structure
Active Directory Services Interfaces 2.5 : [Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0; ADSI 2.5.]
Q260362 - How to Configure Active Directory on a Home Network
Active Directory : [Microsoft Windows 2000, Active Directory]
Active Directory Architecture
Active Directory
Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory Technical Summary
Windows 2000 Active Directory Resources
Windows 2000 Magazine Online - An Overview of Active Directory
spack[dot]: list archives: Re: [pamldap] simple method
AD4Unix: Microsoft Active Directory for Unix neigbourhood!!!
Active Directory Overview
Understanding LDAP
Windows 2000 Active Directory Resources
MC MCSE: Introduction to Windows 2000 Active Directory Architecture.
TechTutorials: Introduction to Windows 2000 Active Directory Architecture.
Quartet - Linux port of Active Directory
Interoperability with Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory and Kerberos Services
Linux-AD Integration


LDAP Browser/Editor
GQ LDAP client
Directory administrator: the smart and friendly LDAP directory management tool
KDE Directory Administrator - Carillon, The new sound of Network Security.


Lighting up LDAP: A programmer's guide to directory development, Part 3
Lighting up LDAP: A programmer's guide to directory development, Part 2
Lighting up LDAP: A programmer's guide to directory development, Part 1
How RLDAP Works
Understanding LDAP
LDAP Implementation Cookbook
LDAP Guides
LDAPman Article Archives
A System Administrator's View of LDAP
An Internet Approach to Directories
FTP Directory:
Introduction to LDAP
PADL 3rd party Documentation
An Introduction to LDAP
LDAP untangled
Master Thesis: Directory Services for Linux in comparison with Novell NDS and Microsoft Active Directory
LDAP Programming, Management and Integration


WinNT Security Samples
The Exchange Server Replacement HOWTO


OpenLDAP, OpenSSL, SASL and KerberosV HOWTO
Configuring Netscape roaming with OpenLDAP
OpenLDAP Faq-O-Matic: Directories vs. conventional databases
OpenLDAP Administrator's Guide
OpenLDAP, Title
OpenLDAP, OpenSSL, SASL and KerberosV HOWTO
OpenLDAP Authentication Setup
Using NetScape with OpenLDAP v2.x
MAJOR slurpd: ri.c: Using strcmp() on the Timestamp (ITS#1323)
LDAP sdb back-end for BIND 9.1.x
referral problem (subordinate information)
OpenLDAP HOWTO with Postgres ::
LDAP On Red Hat Linux 6.1
Linux LDAP Tutorial: Deploying OpenLDAP - Directory Installation and configuration (V1.2 and 2.0)
Using LDAP with sendmail.8.[89].x
How I Got OpenLDAP to Use SASL for Master/Slave Replication Authentication
OpenLDAP Faq-O-Matic: Performance Tuning
Re: OpenLDAP, Active Directory Replication ...
Re: openldap, pam_ldap, accounts
LDAP Documentation - Putting OpenLDAP to use
OpenLDAP 2.1 Administrator's Guide: Using SASL
OpenLDAP 2.1 Administrator's Guide
MandrakeSecure: Using OpenLDAP For Authentication
OpenLDAP 2.1 Administrator's Guide: Replication with slurpd
OpenLDAP 2.1 Administrator's Guide: Schema Specification
Implementing LDAPv3


perl-abook homepage
PerlMonth - Net::LDAP by Mark Wilcox - Issue 11


Samba TNG and Unix Accounts with LDAP
Following LDAP referrals?
Samba TNG and Unix Accounts with LDAP
Storing Samba's User/Machine Account information in an LDAP Directory
How to Configure Samba 2.2 as a Primary Domain Controller
SAMBA Project Documentation - Storing Samba's User/Machine Account information in an LDAP Directory


sendmail 8.10.0: LDAP Changes since 8.9
LDAP routing with sendmail
Using Sendmail with LDAP LDAP Routing
LDAP Schema for Intranet Mail Routing
Using LDAP with sendmail.8.[89].x


Secure LDAP for Solaris
LDAP Accounts database LDAP Setup and Configuration Guide
QUESTnet99 Presentation: Authentication Project
LDAP for Solaris 8
Solaris8 Ldap
Implementing LDAP in the Solaris Operating Environment
LDAP as a Network Information Service
Sun LDAP Setup and Config - The Solaris 8 / OpenLDAP Definitive Guide

Mail Thread Index
Some recent talks - ldapusersync
A Cross-Platform Directory (XAD)
SLAPD and SLURPD Administrators Guide
Extending Internet Services Via LDAP
DATACONV: Conversion Tools: LDAP
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
Linux Directory Services
Index of
LDAP to DNS gateway
ISPMan: A complete solution to ISP management.
LDAPman Article Archives
Configuring Netscape roaming with OpenLDAP -
web2ldap - WWW gateway to LDAP server LDAP Schema Viewer


LDAP Authentication for Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris and Windows
Authentication of user accounts on OpenBSD using LDAP via RADIUS
Security with LDAP
EasyLDAP Homepage
Integrating PAM_LDAP/NSS_LDAP for centralized Unix authentication

Directory Services


Blackhole Lists
MAPS Realtime Blackhole List
Open Relay Database - Welcome to the - the Open Relay DataBase.
SPEWS.ORG - the internet's Spam Prevention Early Warning System.
Welcome to Osirusoft�€™s Open Relay Spam Stopper
Distributed Server Boycott List
DNSRBL - DNS Real-time Black List
Clueless Mailers: The Latest Ugly Trend in Spamming
Openrbl DNSBL Lookup
Google Directory - Computers > Internet > Abuse > Spam > Blacklists
MAPS Dial-up User List


Exim FAQ
exim Internet Mailer
Exim SpamAssassin at SMTP time


ActiveState - Products - PerlMx - PerlMx
Roaring Penguin Software (MIMEDefang)
SourceForge: Project Info - Sendmail::Milter Perl Module
The BlackMail Anti Spam Mailer Daemon
Inflex - Unix Email server scanner
Inflex Electronic Mail Scanning System
Filtering Mail with Sendmail
Milter: Helping You Mangle Your Mail At Will
CRM114 - the Controllable Regex Mutilator
Enhancing E-Mail Security With Procmail
Tagged Message Delivery Agent (TMDA) Homepage
email2sms - an e-mail to SMS filter


FTP Directory:
Jason's Majordomo Page
Jason's Majordomo Page - Majordomo 2
CSF: Majordomo 2 Resources


Fwd: Re: [Mailman-Users] Virtual Domains
Mailman, the GNU Mailing List Manager
GNU Mail Man Documentation Project Detail:534577 Add SpamAssassin filter to mail pipeline
FrontPage of MailmanDesignNotes
Umbrella Lists - Mailman FAQ Entry
Bob's Mailman Tricks
HOWTO - Using exim and Mailman together


The Mutt E-Mail Client
mutt and more
Mutt and IMAP
TRi's Welt / TRi's World: Tuxior/AT'mutt
Patches for mutt


Postfix Configuration - Basics
The Postfix Home Page
The FreeBSD Diary -- Postfix - virtual domains


Procmail Homepage
Procmail documentation project homepage
Procmail FAQ
Timo's procmail tips and recipes


Qmail bugs (and wishlist).
Life with qmail
qmail homepage
qmail: the Internet's MTA of choice


3GI Opensource Projects
SMTP STARTTLS in sendmail 8.11/Secure Switch
SMTP AUTH in sendmail 8.10-8.12
Sendmail Home Page
OpenBSD Sendmail + SMTP AUTH Mini-HOWTO
Cyrus SASL for System Administrators
Relay control in sendmail 8.8,9 for roaming users
Links to e-mail related informations
Index of /~ca/email/mel
Configuring Sendmail's STARTTLS (SSL) and Relaying
OpenBSD Sendmail + SMTP AUTH Mini-HOWTO
Email Archiving - HOWTO
Sendmail FAQ
SMTP AUTH - Quick Start Guide for Red Hat

Christopher K. Koenigsberg Postmaster Information Page
"Reply-To" Munging Considered Harmful Reply-To Munging Considered Useful
VERP: Variable Envelope Return Paths
How do you add Quoted Reply support to Notes' mail templates?



Cricket - Contributed Software
Cricket FAQ
Cricket Home
RT2 and Cricket

Netsaint / Nagios

NetSaint Network Monitor
Netsaint Distributed Monitoring


Chris' MRTG Resources for Squid
mrtg faq
MRTG: The Multi Router Traffic Grapher
MRTG Performance Monitoring Extensions
Configuring mrtg to monitor a server
MRTG Mailing List Archives
MRTG Companion Sites
Re: [mrtg] Monitoring requests for BIND9
MRTG Status Page


NFS Security


Public NTP Primary (stratum 1) Time Servers
Information on Time and Frequency Services
Time Synchronization Server -- Time Synchronization Server
Synchronizing Networks with NTP

Remote Desktop

rdesktop: A Remote Desktop Protocol client
vdesktop: a VNC backend for rdesktop
x2vnc 1.1


SAMBA Project Documentation
Password handling
Joining an NT Domain with Samba 2.0
security = domain in Samba 2.x
PDC Authentication HOWTO
How to Configure Samba 2.2 as a Primary Domain Controller
IDEALX Samba Contributions
Samba TNG
Samba PDC mini-HOWTO
PDF Service with Samba LG #72


Linux CMU SNMP Project
A Guide to SNMP and CMIP
SNMP Management of Proxy/Caches
Linux SNMP Network Management Tools
Index of /pub/CPAN/modules/by-module/SNMP
The SimpleWeb - Freely available SNMP Software
The Java Based Management Page
The UCD-SNMP Project Home Page
The Simple Times, Volume 6, Number 1, March, 1998
AgentX at Carnegie Mellon
The Simple Times, Volume 4, Number 2, April, 1996
Cisco's Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

SSH Secure Shell - VNC through SSH Cygwin - SSHD Setup
Using VNC with SSH Cryptosystems: Configuring SSH [Nov. 28, 2002]
developerWorks: Linux | Open source projects : Common threads: OpenSSH key management, Part 1
Secure Passwordless Logins with SSH Part 1
IETF Secure Shell Working Group
SSH Clients
ISNetworks: Products: Java SSH/SCP Application/Applet
MindTerm SSH Client


IP Subnetting
Why TCP Over TCP Is A Bad Idea
Layer 2, 3, and 4 Switching Overview
ECN (Explicit Congestion Notification) in TCP/IP
ECN-under-Linux Unofficial Vendor Support Page
MCSE FREAK: Freak's Subnetting guide
Learn To Subnet: A Free, Lecture-Based Presentation on IP Addressing and Subnetting
OSI Model Layers
Packetattack TCP/IP Notes


Video Conferencing for Linux (VC4L)
H.323 Links
OpenH323 Gatekeeper
OpenGatekeeper H323 Proxy
free h.323 - H.323 Video-Conferencing
OpenH323 Project
Video for Linux resources
Video Capture and Editing under Linux
Axis Communications - AXIS 2100
Axis Communications - AXIS 2191 Audio Module
Voice over IP and IP Telephony: References
UCB/LBNL Video Conferencing Tool (vic)
SourceForge: Project Info - Bayonne, telephony server of GNU project -- Your Source for Open Source Communication
Video Conferencing Newsgroups, Forums, Mailing Lists, and Directory Services
wes's bookmarks: Video/Conferencing


BigPond Direct
HoneyNet Project
DHCP Extensions
Counterpane: Log Analysis Resources
Warhol Worms: The Potential for Very Fast Internet Plagues
ECN Time Online
Masq Applications
INCIDENT.ORG: Database support for SNORT
ID FAQ - What port numbers do well-known trojan horses use?
PoE (Power over Ethernet) How To - NYCwireless
IP Subnetting
OpenNMS - Free and Open Network Management Software
Cisco IOS Network Address Translation (NAT)
Why TCP Over TCP Is A Bad Idea
Linux Network Drivers
Layer 2, 3, and 4 Switching Overview
Looking Glass List
Public NTP Primary (stratum 1) Time Servers Running Zebra on a Unix Machine: An Alternative to a Real Router? [Nov. 07, 2002]
Enabling High Performance Data Transfers
HACKER WHACKER Remote Computer Network Security Scan
Horatio: Authenticated Network Access
Dealing with Public Ethernet Jacks - Switches, Gateways, and Authentication.
NAT - Network Address Translation
Introduction to the MBone
Welcome to
Virtual Local Area Networks
Authentication Gateway HOWTO
SecurityFocus: Closing the Floodgates: DDoS Mitigation Technique




OpenBSD IPSEC with cisco - HOWTO
BSD Today: Setting Up a VPN: a Tutorial
How to setup IPsec for Linux, OpenBSD and PGPNet
Daemon News : FreeBSD IPsec mini-HOWTO
13.0 - Using IPSec
OpenBSD IPSEC with cisco - host-host setup
OpenBSD IPSEC with cisco - host-net setup
O'Reilly Network: Cryptosystems: Configuring IPSec


Introduction to FreeS/WAN
FreeS/WAN Project: Home Page
Linux FreeS/WAN Compatibility Guide
Linux FreeS/WAN Certs
Ipsec practical configurations for Linux Freeswan 1.3.
bec = IPSec configurations for Freeswan
[Users] Newbie
Administering Linux IPSec Virtual Private Networks
FreeSWAN & Microsoft
The Quick and dirty way of combining Linux FreeS/WAN and Windows 2000 IPSec
SecurityFocus home infocus: Linux IPsec Gateways Using FreeS/Wan
Introduction to FreeS/WAN Unofficial FreeS/WAN Support + Download Site


Windows 2000 High Encryption Pack
How to Configure IPSec Tunneling in Windows 2000 (Q252735)
Windows 2000 VPN Tool
Step-by-Step Guide to Internet Protocol Security (IPSec)
Ipsecpol.exe: Internet Protocol Security Policies Tool

Mailing List WWW Gateway
LASG - IP Security (IPSec)
IPSec Fundamentals and Installation
Cisco - IPSec
SecurityFocus HOME Infocus: Configuring IPsec/IKE on Solaris
The IP Security Protocol, Part 1
The IP Security Protocol, Part 2
Cisco - An Introduction to IP Security (IPSec) Encryption
IP Security Protocol (ipsec) Charter
IETF IPSec Working Group


PPTP-linux: Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
PoPToP - The PPTP Server for Linux
Linux PPTP Masquerading Page
Setting up PPTPD on Linux Kernel 2.4 HOWTO

Linux VPN Masquerade
Tunnel Vision VPN
Virtual Private Network Daemon
Virtual Private Network Consortium -- VPNC
VPN Info on the World Wide Web
Microsoft ISA Server Firewall and Cache resource site
SourceForge: Project Info - L2TP client / daemon
Layer Two Tunneling Protocol Daemon
Cisco - Virtual Private Networks
Zebedee: Secure IP Tunnel
Google Directory - Computers > Security > Virtual Private Networks > Linux BSD GNU
VPN 10PointPlan
VPN Info on the World Wide Web
CIPE-Win32 by Damion K. Wilson
CIPE - Olaf Titz
tunnel file listing




The mod_perl Developer's Cookbook Improving mod_perl Sites' Performance: Part 1 [May. 29, 2002] Improving mod_perl Sites' Performance: Part 2 [Jun. 19, 2002]
Apache/Perl Integration Project
mod_perl: mod_perl 1.0 User Guide
mod_perl: mod_perl 2.0 Documentation
mod_perl guide: Real World Scenarios
mod_perl Guide
Mason HQ

Apache Week
Apache Week: Using User Authentication
Apache Module Registry
Apache URL Rewriting Guide
Apache module mod_rewrite
mod_dav: a DAV module for Apache
Apache 1.3 URL Rewriting Guide
Jetty With Apache
Apache module mod_proxy
DevShed - Using Apache As A Proxy Server - Still Waters Run Deep
Parsing and Summarizing a Logfile
Implementing Sensible 404 Pages With Apache
mod_ssl: The Apache Interface to OpenSSL
mod_backhand: use your resources
ServerWatch Apache
CohProg SaRL - mod_bandwidth
bwshare: an Apache module for bandwidth throttling and fair sharing
Snert . Com - Software - mod_throttle/3.1.2 for Apache 1.3
Software from Snert . Com - Apache modules
FastCGI Home
Apache AxKit
Mod_python - Apache/Python Integration
Apache Tcl
Apache GUI's
Covalent Technologies, Inc - Comanche
An SNMP module for Apache
FunkCity : mod_dynvhost
mod_vdbh - Apache Web Server Module
mod_mya - Apache Web Server Module
Covalent Technologies: Apache-Based Enterprise Solutions
Sun ONE Active Server Pages | Products



Welcome to the Squid-Docs Page
squid_ldap_auth Home page
Blocking Banner ads with Squid
Ad Zapping With Squid
SQUID Frequently Asked Questions: SNMP

Proxy Client Autoconfig File Format
Caching Tutorial for Web Authors and Webmasters Brian D. Davison's Web Caching and Content Delivery Resources
Caching Tutorial for Web Authors and Webmasters
The Bandwidth Conservation Society


Phoenix Help: Tips & Tricks - Fix Microsoft Knowledge Base articles
Customizing Mozilla


Resource Description Framework (RDF) / W3C Semantic Web Activity


Eric Murray: Papers: SSL Server Survey
mod_ssl: HowTo
Introducing SSL and Certificates using OpenSSL
Netscape Certificate Database Information
Certificates shipped with Netscape
SSLeay documentation
Apache+MOD_SSL Key and CSR Generation
SSLeay Certificate Cookbook
mod_ssl: The Apache Interface to OpenSSL
Generating an SSL Certificate with Apache+mod_ssl
OpenSSL Certificate Cookbook



The AJP Connector - Integrating Tomcat with Webservers (Apache, IIS)
Java Guru: Tomcat FAQ Home Page
TOMCAT 4.0.1 on Windows 2000 with IIS and NT Service


Simple Apache + Tomcat howto
Galatea FlashGuide: Integrating Apache 1.3.x - Tomcat 4.0.x on Unix
Dot-Com Builder: Making Tomcat Work with Apache
OOP-Reserch: Setting Tomcat3.1 with Apache - Tomcat and JServ

Tomcat User List Archive
GIF image 1x1 pixels
Linux Magazine | October 2001 | FEATURES | Hangin' with Tomcat
Index of /~sgybas/tomcat4
The Tomcat 4 Servlet/JSP Container - Proxy Support HOW-TO Deploying Web Applications to Tomcat


WEB-DAV Linux File System(davfs2)
WebDAV Resources


Quickcam Express driver qce-ga
xawtv Homepage
Unofficial homepage for Matrox Marvel/Rainbow Runner G-Series for Linux stuff
Third-party Quickcam software page
Linux driver for Logitech Quickcam Express with HDCS1000/PB0100 image sensors
What is needed for the Quickcam
QuickCam Third-Party Drivers

The Java Apache Project
Enhydra Director
Firewall-Wizards list archive RE: reverse proxy using apache
Load Balancing Your Web Site (Web Techniques, May 1998)
EnhydraDirector: cannot resolve the remote_user
Fingerprinting Port 80 Attacks
Comprehensive guide to .htaccess- intro
Extension patches of w3m (w3m-m17n, w3m-img, and w3m-js)


andy's Homepage - WaveLAN/IEEE
Linux & Wireless LANs
Aironet | Product Families
Quios - Your Personal Mobile Connection
Helical Antenna for the 2.425GHz Wireless Networking Cards
My humble projects - WaveLAN Manager
Brisbane metropolitan-area wireless network
Canberra Wireless Network
The wireless Archives
Brisbane Mesh
net stumbler dot com
FTP Directory:
Linux-WLAN 0.3.4 patchs for 2.4 kernels
Fake AP
How to build a tin can waveguide antenna
O'Reilly Network: Antenna on the Cheap (er, Chip) [November 05, 2002]
Ars Technica: Security Practicum: Essential Home Wireless Security Practices - Page 1 - (10/2002)
Ars Technica: Wireless Security Blackpaper - Page 1 - (7/2002)
Index of
Six basic Tips for securing wireless networks
The Linux Wavelan drivers
andy's Homepage - WaveLAN/IEEE
White Paper on the Wireless Firewall Gateway
Help Net Security - Avoid Wireless LAN Security Pitfalls
Detecting Wireless LAN MAC Address Spoofing

The Eight Fallacies of Distributed Computing
Xinetd - Part 1
Etherleak: Ethernet frame padding information leakage
TIA | Category 6 (Cat 6) Frequently Asked Questions



The UNIX versus NT Organization
Free Software / Open Source: Information Society Opportunities for Europe? ( AIX, FreeBSD, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris & Tru64 )
The Open Source Initiative: Case Studies and Press Coverage


Apple - Open Source - Darwin
Running Apple's Backup Without a .Mac Account
Apple - Public Source - Darwin
Apple's Internet Developer
Mac OS X Developer Documentation
MacAsylum - Running UNIX Services on the Mac OS



O'Reilly Network: FreeBSD Basics
FreeBSD Security How-To
Comprehensive Guide to FreeBSD
v09, i03: FreeBSD for the SVR4/Linux Administrator
The FreeBSD Diary
FreeBSD Cheat Sheets
How to Build a FreeBSD-STABLE firewall with IPFILTER
Using CVSup
FreeBSD Handbook - nsswitch for FreeBSD


The NetBSD Project


OpenBSD Bridging Firewall Configuration
Daemon News : HOWTO: Transparent Packet Filtering with OpenBSD
OpenBSD firewall using pf
Guide for building a PPPoE Gateway and Firewall using OpenBSD
Creating a Combined Ethernet/Wireless Firewall in OpenBSD
Guide to OpenBSD Packet Filtering Firewalls
The OpenBSD Packet Filter HOWTO - OpenBSD Packet Filter
OpenBSD Tips for Linux (and other free Unix-like OS) users
Securing Small Networks with OpenBSD
OpenBSD Journal: A resource for the OpenBSD community
O'Reilly Network: Patching OpenBSD
Google Directory - Computers > Software > Operating Systems > Unix > BSD > OpenBSD > System Administration
Richey's BSD-BOX
O'Reilly Network: BSD DevCenter
IP Filter - TCP/IP Firewall/NAT Software
IPFilter and PF Resources of
IPFilter FAQ


Cisco config information
Cisco - Password Recovery Procedures
Cisco BGP page
Cisco IOS Network Address Translation (NAT)
Cisco IP Security
CCNA Study Sanctuary
CCNA Links
Cisco - Router and IOS Architecture Technical Tips
Router Simulator at Router University
Cisco Notes, Tests and Router access
Cisco Connection Documentation
Cisco - Improving Security on Cisco Routers
Cisco IOS Firewall Feature Set and Context-Based Access Control
Cisco IOS CLI Tutorial
Cisco IOS Basic Commands
Free Cisco Documentation & Tutorials
Cisco Review Exercises
Cisco Router Configuration Tutorial
Cisco etc Links
Demystifying Cisco Access Control Lists
The Cost of Security on Cisco Routers | Page 1 | February 22, 1999
Cisco - Configuring LDAP
Cisco Psychic Hotline: Password Recovery
TCP/IP Access-List Wildcard Masks
Cisco Password 7 Hash Decryptor
Packet Attack Ciscso Tutorials
Packet Attack - Cisco Documentation


Admin Poor Sysadmin's Guide to Remote Linux Administration [May. 16, 2002]
Setting up a Solaris Jumpstart Server under Linux
Complete Reference Guide to Creating a Remote Log Server


User Authentication HOWTO
A Linux-PAM page
PAM information and experiences
Modular Authentication for Linux
Linux-PAM modules etc. page


REDHAT.COM - The definitive online destination for the open source community.
Debian GNU/Linux -- The Universal Operating System
Linux Router Project
Dranch's HomePage - Linux: A -REAL- O/S
Gibraltar Homepage
Aurora SPARC Linux Project
Linux/VM: Linux for S/390


Debian GNU/Linux Installation Notes for iBook2
koldfront/text/Debian GNU/Linux on Apple iBook
Installing Debian 3.0 onto an Apple iBook
Debian on a TiBook
Linux on PowerPC FAQ-O-Matic

Bug lists
Release-critical bugs status
Standard RC bugs
Base Bug lists
Bug status
Unofficial Debian Testing FAQ
Package splitting and upgrades
Debian installation
Query for status of Maintainer's packages and bugs.
Debian GNU/Linux -- New Maintainers' Corner
Debian GNU/Linux -- Applicant's Checklist
Debian Key Signing Coordination Page - main
Debian GNU/Linux -- Debian bug tracking system
Debian GNU/Linux -- Mini-HOWTO for Debian New Maintainers Application Managers
Debian Quality Assurance -- it's not just about the freedom!
Remote-accessible debconf databases - a solution!
Testing excuses
Debian Perl Policy
Testing output
Debian GNU/Linux -- Debian BTS - control server
Jaq's Debian portal
Debian Library Packaging guide
Debconf: usage stats
Debian NetBSD test boot floppies
Debian BTS Howto
Chroot woody setup in 15 minutes
How to make your custom debian packages apt-gettable
Debian ``testing'' distribution
debCONF: your info center for Debian conferences and events: Home
Parts of Debian needing help
Getting started with debian-installer
Debian Developer's Packages Overview for Brad Marshall
Debian Developers' Corner
Debian Developer's Reference
Debian New Maintainers' Guide
Debian Repository HOWTO


The GNU Hurd - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Debian GNU/Hurd Translators
Towards a New Strategy of OS Design
The GNU Hurd - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
The GNU Hurd:
The Hurd Installation Guide:
Debian GNU/Linux -- Debian GNU/Hurd --- Documentation


FAI Guide (Fully Automatic Installation)
Debian JFS Install cds
Index of /debian-cd
PGI: Progeny Graphical Installer
XFS on Debian
FAI (Fully Automatic Installation) Home Page
Debian Woody installation on XFS filesystem
Debian GNU/Linux -- autoinstall
Backup strategies / automatic installation? - Debian Planet
Debian GNU/Linux -- jablicator
Mondo Rescue
Debian 2.2 install in 4Mb


Debian GNU/FreeBSD status
Debian GNU/NetBSD
Fink - Home
Debian GNU/w32
Debian GNU/FreeBSD status

Unofficial Packages

Index of /~dwhedon//debian (db3 + db4 packages)
Index of /~mmagallo/packages/subversion
Index of /~thom/apache2
KDE support for Debian operating systems
Debian UML filesystems
Packages to run kernel 2.4.x on Debian potato
Index of /~sgybas/tomcat
The X Strike Force: XFree86/X Window System support for Debian operating systems
[ANNOUNCE] JBoss 2.4.7 debs for public consumption Unofficial APT repositories
KDE 3.x for Woody

Debian GNU/Linux -- The Universal Operating System
KDE Linux Packaging Project
Debian GNU/Linux -- Debian IPv6 Project
Debian Java FAQ.
Debian GNU/Linux -- Explanation of Push Mirroring
Graphing the Debian Keyring Web of Trust
Frequently Asked Questions
Debian Mailing List Archives -- Search
Home Demudi: Debian Multimedia Distribution
Securing Debian HOWTO
CPAN to .deb
[ANNOUNCE] automatic perl module building from CPAN
Starting GNU/Linux The GNU/Linux Desktop and Survival Guide
Chroot bind micro-howto
Securing Debian Manual
Debian Project Leader 2002 Election Statistics
About integration of rsync and Debian
apt-update via patches
Debian SELinux docs
DebianWiki: SystemAdministration in Debian mrtg stats
RE: How to upgrade from kde2 to kde3
Setting up a Debian Log Server
Debian Planet - News for Debian. Stuff that *really* matters.
An Unbiased Review of Debian 3.0 - Debian Planet
Linux Orbit - GRUB in Debian HOWTO
Debian Project Links
Debian Reference
Executive summary of Debian Distribution


Linux on Dell systems FAQ-O-Matic
Matt Domsch's Linux page - Dell's Linux stuff
Title: Linux Raid Configuration for Dell PowerVault (FIber- ...
Dell PowerVault 220S and 221S Systems User's Guide



Linux Network Drivers
Wireless - The devices, the drivers
Google Groups: View Thread "ASUS A7V8X Mainboard - Ethernet Controller"


The v2.2 Linux USB drivers backport
The Linux USB sub-system
Linux USB
Linux USB
David's Linux USB Scanner Device Driver
libnjb - Nomad Jukebox drivers
Linux and USB 2.0

Linuxcare - Bootable CD - Errata
The PPP Multilink Protocol (MP)
Colas Nahaboo X mouse wheel scroll page
Linux PCMCIA Information
Matrox Graphics - Linux driver
The Wavelan IEEE/Orinoco and its friends
Linux Drivers for Lucent Winmodems - Download Page
Quickcam Express driver qce-ga
Linux ATA Development Project
Apple iPod on Linux
A7V and Linux ATA100 Quasi-Mini-Howto
Chris Pascoe's Multilink PPP for Linux (Discontinued)
HP Linux Inkjet Driver Project
HP OfficeJet Linux driver project
Linux drivers for Conexant Chips - Home
OnStream DI-x0 support in Linux
Matrox Graphics - Latest Drivers
Broadcom 4401 Linux Driver



NFS Version 4 Home Page
NFS faq
CITI: Projects: CITI: Linux NFS Client Performance Project

Coda File System
Open source : JFS project Web site
ext3 for 2.4
Ext2fs Undeletion mini-HOWTO
E2fsprogs: Ext2 Filesystem Utilities
GNU ext2resize - an ext2 filesystem resizer
Explore2fs HomePage
ext2 for windows
Extended attributes and ACLs for Linux


Fighting Font Frustration: Table of Contents
Free downloads - TrueType core fonts for the Web
XFree86 Font Deuglification Mini HOWTO



Bridging Firewall for ADSL connections
ebtables/iptables interaction on a Linux-based bridge
source code for ebtables and bridge-nf
Implementing a Bridging Firewall
bridge - Linux ethernet bridging
ebtables homepage Project Info - Ethernet bridge tables
Software, Patches and Docs
Transparent Firewall Bridging

Masq Apps Configuration Inforamation
Linux IP Masquerading Archive Index (by Date)


Linux 2.4 NAT HOWTO
Linux 2.4 Packet Filtering HOWTO
Linux 2.4 Advanced Routing HOWTO
Configuring a Stateful Linux Firewall with IPTables / NetFilter
Iptables Tutorial 1.1.9
netfilter/iptables - Home
Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control HOWTO
routeing, SNAT, MASQ, and fwmark


Dante - Traffic control and QoS with Linux
adsl-qos Info Page
ADSL Bandwidth Management HOWTO
CBQ (Class-Based Queueing)
Slide 1
iproute2+tc notes
Differentiated Services on Linux
HTB home
NF-HIPAC: High Performance Packet Classification for Netfilter

Linux IDS Project
Linux 2.4 Advanced Routing & Traffic Control HOWTO
Adaptive Linux Firewalls LG #82
Index of /~nathan/pam_iptables
No Title
802.1Q VLAN implementation for Linux
Seattle Firewall (Seawall)
Shoreline Firewall
Kurt Seifried - LASG
Linux Firewall and Security Site
GNU httptunnel
Firewall-Piercing Tool Kit
Firewall Tunnel
Welcome to

Welcome to Linux International
The Linux Home Page at Linux Online
"Linux Australia"
Linux Journal
Welcome to : Wanna learn linux?
Linux Enterprise Computing
Linux Newbies Home Page
The Linux Documentation Project
Linux Journal Web Article Index
Google Directory - Computers > Software > Operating Systems > Linux
Linux Projects
Linux Magazine | Who's Who in Linux
Software for SGI and Linux


Kernel Traffic
Kernel Newsflash
The linux-kernel mailing list FAQ
Rik van Riel's Linux patches
The road to Linux 2.6.0
Kernel-Janitor: Welcome
The Linux Kernel Archives
SourceForge: linuxkernel - Foundry
Andrew Morton's Linux things
Software Suspend
PowerPC Kernel Archives
Rusty's Guide to Linux Kernel
IP sysctl tutorial
WOLK - Working Overloaded Linux Kernel
Bug 66054 - DMA problems with ServerWorks OSB4
developerWorks: Linux : RunTime: Context switching, Part 1
developerWorks: Linux : RunTime: Context switching, Part 2
Using the Kernel Security Module Interface
Index of /~phillips/htree
Devfs (Device File System) FAQ
Linux Device Drivers, 2nd Edition: Online Book
OOPS! An Introduction to Linux Kernel Debugging
developerWorks : Linux : Improving Linux kernel performance and scalability
Vanishing Features of the 2.6 Kernel


Linux Logical Volume Management HOWTO
The Logical Volume Manager for Linux
Using Logical Volume Management



Debian & Dell Inspiron 8000
w h a c k e d . n e t :: open source software :: linux-dell-laptops :: faq
Debian GNU/Linux on the Dell Inspiron 8000
Installing Debian GNU/Linux on a Dell Inspiron 8000 via the network.
Debian GNU/Linux and the Dell Inspiron 8000/8100

Linux with Laptop Computers - LiLAC
Netenv 0.81 - Using a laptop in different network environments
Xircom and Linux(LINUX)
Software Suspend
Linux Laptop-HOWTO
MobiliX: UniX with Mobile Computers Project Info - Software Suspend
Debian GNU/Linux on an IBM ThinkPad 600
Linux Infrared HOWTO


RAID Solutions for Linux
ICP vortex Homepage
RAID-1, 4, 5 drivers for Linux
Linux RAID Functions Issue 17
The Software RAID HOWTO
Index of /mingo
Linux RAID Guide
The Software-RAID HOWTO
Debian install w/ root software raid1
The Debian Woody/Sid 2.4 Kernel RAID 1 DevFS ReiserFS HOWTO
mdadm: A New Tool For Linux Software RAID Management


Current: A server for Red Hat's up2date tools
Using Red Hat Network with Red Hat Linux 6.2
The Truth Behind Red Hat Names
cpanflute2 - CPAN rpm builder
RedHat Linux KickStart HOWTO
The RedHat 7 Customised Installer (unofficial) mini-HOWTO


Parallel Port Scanners under Linux
ppSCSI drivers
SANE Home Page


The Linux SCSI Generic (sg) Driver
SCSI Media Changer Control Program
Department of Tautological Pleonasms and Redundancies Department
High Performance SCSI & RAID
The Linux 2.4 SCSI subsystem HOWTO
Justin's Linux Page - Adaptec Drivers
Linux/FreeBSD/Open Source - Adaptec
SCSI Connectors FAQ, HD, DB, SCA


Data security for Linux power users
Hacking Linux Exposed
Linux Magazine | Hardening Linux Systems


Debian SELinux docs
developerWorks: Security | Linux : Uncovering the secrets of SE Linux: Part 2
Security-Enhanced Linux
developerWorks: Linux : Uncovering the secrets of SE Linux: Part 1


Linux Standard Base


Linux Kernel Tuning
CITI: Projects: CITI: Linux NFS Client Performance Project
TuneLinux.COM - for all your optimization needs
Linux Scalability Effort Homepage
Server Oriented System Tuning Info
[Appendix B] B.2 Samba Tuning
Linux Performance Tuning
Linux Ram Limits
The SIG11 problem Project Info - Linux Scalability Effort
LTC Linux Performance Team

Alan Cox's Diary
Aide Manual version 0.01
The User-mode Linux Kernel Home Page
Sun Microsystems - BigAdmin[sm] Portal Linux collection
devfs for Management and Administration
The LinuxBIOS Home Page
O'Reilly Network: Linux DevCenter
Bank Website Compatibility with Linux Browsers
Dan Kegel's Web Hostel - Linux Performance Tuning etc


Netopia - - Internet Equipment - Download Firmware Updates
Netopia - - Welcome to Netopia
Netopia - - Internet Equipment Support - Netopia FAQ
FTP Directory:


SnapGear downloads
SnapGear Release Notes
SnapGear Knowledge Base


Sun Ripened Kernels - Surplus and Pre-loved Sun Microsystems equipment SPARCclassic/SPARCclassic X/SPARCstation LX Service Manual
Useful tools for Sun workstations and Solaris
Free Patch Descriptions Article 104288
Rite Consulting - Setting Up a Solaris DHCP Client
Solaris Corner
SunHELP : news
Sun Microsystems - BigAdmin Best Practices
Linux as a Jumpstart Server
Solaris Security Toolkit (JASS)
Andreas Maier - Solaris /dev/random
EGD: The Entropy Gathering Daemon
SAGE - Securing Solaris Servers
Sun Microsystems - BigAdmin[sm] Portal
BigAdmin Solaris Sysadmin Guide
Sun Microsystems - BigAdmin[sm] Docs
Solaris Sysadmin Tools


Active Directory

Active Directory
Step-by-Step Guide to Managing Active Directory
Step-by-Step Guide to Active Directory Sites and Services
Active Directory Users, Computers and Groups
Active Directory Architecture
MC MCSE: Introduction to Windows 2000 Active Directory Architecture.


Forwarding Mail to an External Recipient.
Message Archiving with Exchange 2000
Forwarding Mail to an External Recipient, Part II.
Enabling Message Journaling on Exchange Server
Exchange 2000 Server Support Center
Q314961 - HOW TO: Install and Configure SMTP Connectors in Exchange 2000 Server
Q260973 - XCON: Setting Up SMTP Domains for Inbound and Relay E-Mail in Exchange 2000 Server
Q254767 - XGEN: How to Install and Use the Exchange Server Archive Sink
Q313404 - HOW TO: Register a Transport Event Sink for the SMTP Service in Exchange 2000 Server
Exchange Server HOWTOs
Exchange - ALL the FAQs
Q324021 - HOW TO: Create a "Catchall" Mailbox Sink for Exchange 2000
Microsoft Exchange SDK June 2002
Exchange 2000 Server Error and Event Messages


Batch file scripting
Batch Files for DOS, Windows (all flavours) and OS/2; Rexx; Kix; Perl; JavaScript; HTML


Windows 2000 - Planning and Deployment
Security Operations Guide for Windows 2000 Server
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Documentation
Deployment Options - MS Hotmail Migration
SecurityFocus HOME Infocus: Detecting and Removing Trojans and Malicious Code

Unix tools on Windows NT? It's so easy!
Systems Internals
PuTTY: a free Win32 telnet/ssh client
Q157992 - How to Triple Boot to Windows NT, Windows 95/98, and MS-DOS
Offline NT Password & Registry Editor
Offline NT pw & reg-editor, bootdisk
Recover Lost Windows NT Administrator Password
Windows XP Professional Services 750
Unpatched vulnerabilities
Microsoft TechNet - Using batch files
Windows NT/2000 FAQ
Next-Generation Win32 exploits: fundamental API flaws
MS Security
pGina: Making the big boys play nice - Latest News Project Info - Spoon Installer
Understanding the Windows EAL4 Evaluation
Seth Stein > Work > ICMP Traffic - Download TweakUI
Microsoft Australia - Open Business License
Integrating Unix and NT Technology
Key to Optimizing and Tuning Windows NT 4.0 The Resource Center for Free Operating Systems ( AIX, FreeBSD, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris & Tru64 )
Unix System Administration Web Ring
The EROS Operating System
Xah: The Unix Pestilence
OPENLYSECURE - OpenBSD and Linux Resources



Sony Clie PEG-S320 and Linux
Plucker - The only way to carry the web in your pocket


Tader's Psion 5mx Linux Pages
PsiLinux - Linux for Psion Computers
PsiLinux on a Psion 5MX
Psion Revo - Charging/Battery Information


Open Palmtop Integrated Environment (Opie)
Debian Zaurus - Project Home
SourceForge: Project Info - OpenZaurus

Welcome to*!
the Familiar Project


PGP Public Key Lookup Page Public Keyservers
GnuPG - The GNU Privacy Guard
The GNU Privacy Handbook
GPG Signing Protocol
How to not look lost at a key-signing


HP Linux Inkjet Driver Project
HP OfficeJet Linux driver project



Spider Eyeballs - Perl & XML Image Gallery Creator
Adam Silverthorne: Gallery-O-Matic
Gimp Gallery
IDS: Introduction
Java Image Gallery System Homepage Search results for 'web image gallery'


napster linux client
RZ: Projects - X-CD-Roast
GDancer - A Visualization plugin for XMMS


My first mutt : Text editing
My first mutt



Palm Keyboards
Pro-Techniq Intl. - Palm Pilot and Palm III Accessories
Happy Hacking Cradle Index


Showtimes - Movie showtimes for the Palm Connected Organizer
Index of /redhat-rawhide/powertools/pilot
Showtimes - Movie showtimes for the Palm Connected Organizer
Palm Stuff
Gnome Pilot
DaggerWare's HyperHack Beta
ZIP for the PalmPilot
Coldsync : Home

Sony Clie

Sony Clie PEG-S320 and Linux

Welcome to PalmPilotGear H.Q.!
Calvin's PalmPilot FAQ - Main Page
PalmCentral.Com: The Internet's Largest Collection of Software and Information for Palm III, PalmPilot, Pilot, Workpad and pdQ
PalmLIFE - Palm Chat
Welcome to PalmPilotGear H.Q.!
PPP - Peter's Pilot Pages - we find the apps that suck so you don't have to.
PalmCentral.Com: PalmPilot WebRing
The Pickled PalmPilot - The Latest PalmPilot and Palm III Applications - Freeware, Shareware, & Commercial
"Speaking At The Conference of Australian Linux Users"
Welcome to IS/Complete, Inc.
PalmLIFE - #palmchat Contest
Zetetic Enterprises - Products
Palm Programming: The Developer's Guide - Table of Contents
Development Documentation
Pen Computing Magazine: Handspring Visor
The Gadgeteer - Home
Welcome to OSK, Inc.
FTP Directory:
Palm III/Palm Pilot: Personal Experiences and Tips incl. Wireless/PCS
Eworld Technologies - Australia's handheld computer experts!
Technical PalmOS -
Palm Nokia Connector Diagrams
Index of /pilot
Palm, Inc. - Palm OS 3.5 Software
Using Palm IIIx and Nokia 6210 for Internet and Mail
Index of /pub/palmos

Search Engines

ht://Dig 3.x list archive: Re: [htdig] virtual domain name sear
mnoGoSearch: free internet web site search engine software for your site

Web Calendars

Gallant Technologies - mod_perl Calendar
Prospector: A Free Web Calendar

Window Managers

sawmill: an extensible window manager

Clickable Imagemap Plug-in
Ron Aaron's VINE page
SANE Home Page
memstat --- a utility to display memory statistics
Proposted Network Trend Analysis for LANdb
Home of the DNSMan
GnuPG - The GNU Privacy Guard
NeTraMet Release Note
NUT: Network UPS Tools
Index of /nstx
SourceForge: Project Info - packet2sql Packet Parser
PGPfone - Pretty Good Privacy Phone
mbx2mbox homepage
PuTTY: a free Win32 telnet/ssh client
FK, a Free software application proxy suite
Portable Presenter
PresTiMeL: Title Page
Perl Projector
Unmaintained Free Software -- Index
Savannah: Project Info - gnokii
Subversion Homepage
Faq-O-Matic Faq-O-Matic
Savannah: Project Info - gnokii - cacti


Alva L. Couch - Ongoing Research
Research Plan
System administration publications (postscript/pdf papers)



CERT® Security Improvement Modules
Hacking and Hackers - Computer Security Programs Downloading Search Engines Portal News
CERT®/CC Steps for Recovering from a UNIX or NT System Compromise
Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures
Linux Security - The Community's Center For Security
Security News for Security Professionals .:.
NIST Computer Security Division 893 and CSRC Home Page
[ packet storm ] -
Counterpane Internet Security, Inc.
Merilus Technologies, Inc | Firewall and VPN Solutions
Internet anonymity for Linux newbies
Profile of the Perfect Security Guru
10 simple ways to stop hackers or at least slow them down
SecurityFocus Corporate Site
SANS Institute - Computer Security Education and Information Security Training

Certificate Authority

Postfix/TLS - Being your on CA
Very brief introduction to create a CA and a CERT
Setting up a CA using free software
Apache+MOD_SSL Key and CSR Generation
Ten Risks of PKI
Keysigning Parties
OpenCA Labs


Firewall Security and the Internet
miju's Resource Links Page
tbird's security links


Sun BluePrints OnLine
Psionic Software, Inc.
AusCERT - Australian Computer Emergency Response Team
IT Security Cookbook
Impact of Artificial "Gummy" Fingers on Fingerprint Systems
IT Security Cookbook
Computer Forensics Analysis Class Handouts
Psionic Technologies Whitepapers
Secure Interaction Design

Disaster Recovery

ZDNet: Tech Update: Security / Four steps to disaster recovery
ZDNet: Tech Update: Security / Risk assessment essentials
Network Security Audit (Part I)
Network Security Audit (Part II)
Security Scanning is not Risk Analysis


The Coroner's Toolkit (TCT)

Linux Help Online
FAQ: Firewall Forensics (What am I seeing?)
Home Network Security
Cyrus SASL for System Administrators
AusCERT - UNIX Security Checklist v2.0
Security Recommendation Guides // National Security Agency //
Breaking out of a chroot() padded cell
My Guide To Linux Security LG #80
HoneyNet Project
Solaris Security Toolkit (JASS)
DShield - Distributed Intrusion Detection System
Anti-Nimda/Code Red Auto-Emailer
TCPA / Palladium FAQ
Brisbane ISIG Notes
Information Security Interest Group (ISIG) - A professional Information Security Interest Group.
New Order - the computer & networking security portal
The Common Criteria Home Page
Wiretapped - Computer Security Software etc.
Know Your Enemy: Learning with User-Mode Linux
Linux Security - The Community's Center For Security
Sudo Main Page
ISECOM Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual
The Open Web Application Security Project



BASH - GNU Project
Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide


Z-Shell Frequently-Asked Questions
A User's Guide to ZSH
Zsh Homepage
Daemon News : A Case for the Z Shell


RBL-Type Services Home Page
Preventing relaying in Netscape Messaging Server
Anti-Spam Provisions in Sendmail 8.8
Allowing controlled SMTP relaying in Sendmail 8.9
Dynamic Relay Authorization Control
SMTP AUTH in sendmail 8.10-8.12
junkfilter : Junk Mail Filtration with Procmail
Enhancing E-Mail Security With Procmail
Behind Enemy Lines - Premier Services Exposed
CAUBE.AU - Fight Spam in Australia
check_local rulesets and patches for sendmail 8.11
Mail Filtering with Mail::Audit - Open Relay Black List
The Open Relay Block Zone
Open Relay Database - Welcome to the - the Open Relay DataBase.
SPEWS.ORG - the internet's Spam Prevention Early Warning System.
Welcome to Osirusoft�€™s Open Relay Spam Stopper
Blackhole lists
SourceForge: Project Info - SpamNX
SpamAssassin: Welcome to SpamAssassin
Clueless Mailers: The Latest Ugly Trend in Spamming
A Plan for Spam
Rejecting spam with a procmail accept list :: Reliable SPAM identification using Perl


Dell - Analyst White Papers
Brocade SAN Resource library
Compaq Storage White Papers
Sun Storage White Papers
SNIA - Storage Network Industry Association: Home
White Paper: Implementing Storage Area Networks for Database Applications
Network Appliance - Scalable Infrastructure for Internet Business [TR 3070]


ACSI 33 - Table of Contents
SAC-PAV in action - PSCC - Protective Security Manual
Standards Australia
Rainbow Series Library


Basic Steps in Forensic Analysis of Unix Systems -- Network Design and Troubleshooting
Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures
Deconstructing User Requests and the Nine Step Model
A Guide to the Art of Troubleshooting
How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
How to Report Bugs Effectively


VMWare Patches etc


Schematics for DAU-9P (MBUS)
When Non-Free is "Free Enough"
Loose collection of notes - terminfo, curses, application keypad ...
Personal Data Interchange
SNIA - Storage Networking Industry Association
Enhydra Director
Art of Assembly Language:Forward
Sys Admin Web Site
GNU Free Documentation License - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Netscape Navigator's roaming profiles
PullthePlug Dot Com || technology and culture, from the trenches
plan 9 download1
One Touch EASY db Alcatel
Rosetta Stone
O'Reilly System & Network Administration Center -- Rack 'em and Stack 'em
How to Report Bugs Effectively
exploring the realities of internet uptime [page 1] | c o d e s t a
Aussie-ISP Archive
Re: Memory Footprint claims
Google Weblog 2002
Rosetta Stone for Unix
The Golden Rules of Sun Systems Administration
Bootstrapping an Infrastructure
Infrastructures.Org: Best Practices in Automated Systems Administration and Infrastructure Architecture: Home


My Dual Head Config
NCD Xterm docs
The FreeBSD NVIDIA Driver Initiative
XTERM - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Openoffice in Debian
OOoDocs.Org Fonts FAQ

Matrox Graphics - Latest Drivers
Nvidia Driver Page


OpenAntiVirus Project
Mini-FAQ: "antivirus software for Linux/Unix" Project details for File::Scan
AVG Anti-Virus System Main Page

XML -- Take My Advice: Don't Learn XML



The CoverPages
LDP Author Guide
FrontPage - DocBook Wiki
Docbook Frequently Asked Questions
Writing Documentation Using DocBook
The Linux Documentation Project DocBook Resources
Exploring SGML DocBook
DocBook Quick Reference


Beginning LaTeX
Getting Started with LaTeX
LaTeX Tutorial
LaTeX: from quick and dirty to style and finesse
Text Processing using LaTeX
LaTeX tables
The LaTeX Tabular Environment
TeX Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
LaTeX reference
Google Directory - Computers > Software > Typesetting > TeX > LaTeX
Hypertext Help with LaTeX
LaTeX(2e) Resources
matthew boedicker - LaTeX resume tips
[CsM] LaTeX and TeX
Including graphics in LaTeX/PDF documents

Strunk, William, Jr. 1918. The Elements of Style
SAGEwire | Resumé writing tips for technical people

Life in the trenches: a sysadmin speaks