Jeffrey Schroeder
Chicago, IL

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• Unix • Linux • System Administration • Builder of Distributed Infrastructure • Python and Django Development


 Career Profile:
An ambitious task-oriented individual interested in the systems and software engineering fields with future opportunities for advancement. Willing to work as part of a team with 24/7 on call rotations and travel if necessary. Loves to work in large environments solving difficult problems with a "devops" slant.
 Work History
 June 2015 - Present Jump Trading LLC
Software Engineer / Technical Lead
  • Architected an internal PaaS based on Apache Mesos with the Apache Aurora framework
  • Deployed and modified aurproxy, a load balancer manager using nginx for Apache Aurora
  • Tested out various other Mesos frameworks such as Marathon, Chronos, Kafka, and tested isolation
  • Simplified some clustering bits using the keepalived vrrp daemon and some tricks learned previously
  • Served as a senior technical resource on deploying and managing salt for configuration management
  • Benchmarked docker storage and networking configurations to deduce the best production configuration
  • Maintained several internal web services (hypermedia apis) written in a mix of golang and python via TDD
  • Helped migrate the Systems Automation team over to using an Agile (SCRUM) development methodology
  • Mentored other developers in building web services to run on elastic infrastructure such as Mesos or Kubernetes


 July 2012 - June 2015 Jump Trading LLC
Systems Automation Engineer
  • Helped with a P.O.C. and ended up as a core committer of graphite
  • Migrated our team's largest webservice from MySQL to PostgreSQL and implemented barman
  • Monoglot software maintenance of various internal software in golang / python / php / perl / ruby
  • Coached other team members on software development and proper devops / automation best practices
  • Wrote an out of band vendor agnostic "Lights Out" management tool supporting 3 server hardware vendors
  • Primary maintainer of a largish internal REST php api which we rewrote as a Django app with full unit test coverage
  • Wrote a fully automated Windows inventory system using nmap, wmic, our internal inventory api, and a bit of python
  • Migrated critical internal webservices to a proper clustered and redundant setup using glusterfs, drbd, and pacemaker


 July 2011 - July 2012 Virtu Financial LLC
Systems Engineer / Tools Developer
  • Strived for automation in everything or built tools to increase user productivity
  • Tested newer versions of open source tools we use such as cobbler or salt and added features
  • Reviewed upstream kernel changes and technology for achieving an ever lower network latency
  • Used publish/subscribe message bus software like mcollective and salt to solve real user problems
  • Tied together monitoring and configuration management of network devices with open source and internal tools
  • Architected a multi-vendor network device configuration management suite using pexpect and django with a touch of jQuery


 Feb 2008 - July 2011 Madison Tyler LLC (Merged with Virtu Financial in 2011)
Senior Systems Administrator
  • Re-implemented the global dns/ldap setup for higher availability. Used keepalived for auto-failover
  • High performance computing, benchmarking, and kernel tuning. Constant review of upstream kernel activity
  • Maintenance and engineering on a from scratch Linux distribution in support of high volume electronic trading
  • Authored many internal tools and django web dashboards. Used a mix of python, perl, and jQuery / Javascript
  • Rolled out a completely new monitoring system based on ZenOSS. Lots of integration with xmlrpc and REST apis


 Oct 2006 - Feb 2008 Ticketmaster, Inc.
Linux Systems Administrator
  • NetApp Filer Storage and NAS administration. NFS configuration and ongoing maintenance
  • Perl archive encryption script supporting key rotation and key retrieval from an Ingrian Datasecure
  • Initial setup of OpenLDAP to centralize network device authentication. Also looked into RSA products
  • RPM package creation for Ticketmaster proprietary software. Redhat Package Manager spec file creation
  • Advised on best practices and spearheaded an upgrade project from older Linux distributions to CentOS/RHEL5


 Mar 2006 - Sep 2006

Comair, Inc.
Web Administrator

  • Configured and administered fault tolerant java application clusters
  • Automated repetitive tasks using bourne shell scripting on HP-UX 11i, SLES9, and AIX
  • Personal interview syndicated on "To Iraq and Back: Soldier Uses Linux in War and Peace"
  • Assisted with and implemented a migration from Tomcat 3 -> Tomcat 4 -> Bea Weblogic Server 8.1
  • Utilized open source software to meet business needs: awstats, Squid / Squidguard, Mediawiki, Bugzilla, etc.


 Aug 2005 - Mar 2006 Trasys Inc.
IT Consultant
  • Proactive hardening of SLES9, Novell OES9 Linux and HP-UX 11i Unix servers
  • Vulnerability scanning and network penetration testing of customer facing applications
  • Re-wrote the web server standard from scratch after and existing infrastructure security review
  • Customized and branded Perl open source web metrics reporting software for intranet usage statistics
  • Moved internet facing IIS servers internally and fronted them with the more secure Apache using mod_proxy


 Jul 2001 - Jul 2005 United States Army
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator / Team Leader
  • Hardening Apache webservers to NIST SP 800-44 (Guidelines on Securing Public Web Servers)
  • Flight Hours: 474 total, 460 of which were during combat in a year long overseas deployment
  • Wrote a 17 page technical paper detailing GCS software improvements (Solaris 7 shell scripts)
 Education and Professional Development:

 May 2013 - Present The Graphite Project - website
  • User support in the #graphite IRC channel on Freenode
  • Updated and merged external contributions for graphite-web, whisper, and carbon
  • Release management and feature wrangling of the (yet to be released) 0.9.11 release


 Dec 2011 - Jan 2016 The SaltStack Project - website
  • Wrote a lot of features for salt (over 400 commits)
  • Updated and merged external contributions for various subprojects
  • Suggested architectural design choices / features with the salt stack team


 May 2009 - Jan 2016 The GNOME Foundation - website
Volunteer Systems Administrator
  • Setup web-based open source software such as Piwik, CiviCRM, and Drupal
  • Worked on and enhanced the django application snowy for the Tomboy Online project
  • Setup a mock chroot rpm build environment. Backported rpm packages from Fedora to RHEL5
  • Volunteered to run the GNOME booth at the Southern California Linux Expo 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x, and 10x
  • Managed systems with the puppet configuration management system and ran a > 25,000 user MoinMoin wiki


 Mellanox Academy
  • Advanced Infiniband
Palo Alto Networks
  • 201: Firewall Installation, Configuration, and Management


 Hewlett Packard Unix Training and Education Courses
  • Linux: Basic System Administration IV
  • HP-UX System Administration Script Writing
Bea Education Services
  • Weblogic Server 8.1 System Administration
  • Weblogic Server 8.1 Advanced System Administration


 Industry Certifications
  • LPI LPIC-1 Linux Systems Administration
  • IEEE Computer Society Member since 2005
  • Comptia A+ and Network+ Computer hardware and network troubleshooting

SANS Institute - Mastering Packet Analysis
  • tcpdump, ethereal, and ngrep all covered indepth
  • decoding packets manually aka from a hexdump or with vim/xxd
  • Advanced usage of sniffers for network troubleshooting and optimization
 Network, Client, Server, and Software Technologies:
  • mysql, postgresql, elasticsearch
  • tcpdump, ntop, ethereal / wireshark
  • Apache Mesos, Apache Aurora, Zookeeper
  • Linux and Unix proactive system hardening
  • ISO 17799 Information Security Compliance
  • Redhat, Debian, SUSE Enterprise Linux, HP-UX 11i
  • Apache Web Server, Bind DNS, Fedora Directory Server
  • Marathon, HDFS, Kerberos
  • Nagios, ZenOSS, Icinga, and Ganglia
  • Automated Web Application Stress Testing
  • openldap, slurpd to syncrepl migration, ldapsearch
  • nmap, snmpwalk, nessus, dnswalk, libwhisker, strace
  • Tomcat 3-5 and Bea Weblogic 9 java application servers
  • Python, Perl, Bourne, Bash, Posix, advanced shell scripting